Mister Grey

by Alexandros Nicolaides


  • 8 cl Earl Grey infused Vodka*

  • 5 cl Water

  • 3-4 cl Monin sugar syrup

Pour all the ingredients into

a glass filled with crushed

ice and stir. Form a layer of

LILAH Espuma ** on top.


*Earl Grey infused Vodka

  • 35 cl Kettle One Lemon Vodka

  • 50 cl Kettle One Vodka

  • 12 Earl Grey tea bags

Macerate all the ingredients

in a closed jar for 12 min. in a

85° water bath. Shake briefly

and sieve using a coffee filter

in a glass bottle. Allow to

cool in the refrigerator.


**LILAH Espuma

  • 30 cl LILAH

  • 15 cl Milk or cream

  • 45 g Pro Espuma or 2 egg whites

Mix well all ingredients in a

blender. Pour into a siphon filled with 2 cartridges and allow to cool in the refrigerator.


Glass: Grog glass

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