In various parts of South Asia and the Middle East, the term "Chai" means "tea" in common language. In recent years and with its growing popularity, especially in Europe, it has become a synonym for "Masala Chai", the national drink of India. Its recipe may vary according to different regions or family traditions. It is mainly composed of water, milk, black tea and various spices. The origin of Chai is found in the theory of Ayurvedic health care where it is used from time immemorial for its beneficial effects. LILAH presents all these qualities in a tasty nature.

In an elegant design, LILAH combines the flavor of Oriental Chai with the suppleness of a smooth cream liqueur. Whether as ingredient in cocktails, desserts or simply pure, LILAH provides a breath of exoticism and is used by gourmets as well as professionals for delicate creations. Honored with the gold medal at the World Spirits Awards 2014, LILAH convinced the experts. Knowing that its production in Switzerland is produced without artificial flavors or additives. Pure teas and spices from the Far East give LILAH its unique flavor.

The teas & spices composing the taste of LILAH:

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